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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 16, 2015 2:52am-4:01am EDT

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utmost, and i love her -- she died. she's with jesus. he came and got her! we used to sit on the porch drinking lemonade! lemonade give me the runs, i can't run that fast! >> but i love everybody. i love my grandson, he's a good boy. my grand daughter is sweet as butter. she called the other day and she said pop, pop, can you get me a car with your pension money? i said who are you talking to? >> give him a round of applause. oh, man. i had a great time. i want to thank you for joining us. until next time, keep laughing!
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the "insider" from hollywood, y/7 celebrity conversation. lamar odom is clinging for >> reportedly showing small signs of improvement. >> khloe remains by her ex-husband's side. did her ex keep up with her? >> i'm probably broke down mentally. >> are the kardashian men cursed? >> you're no longer a man, you're an entertainer. >> plus, viola's historic emmy speech had hollywood in tears.
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>> in the unemployment line a lot, man. >> but why is whoopi raining on her parade? >> what it means, there are plenty of opportunities. >> and thank god it's thursday. inside tonight's big shandaland explosion. >> see this garbage? >> there's a lot of pressure on the relationship. >> then, the donald changes his tone? >> i think i could be a little bit more politically correct. >> but will a new book blow the lid off a softer, gentler trump? >> he has said that he brings out the worst in women. >> are you happy that your father is running for president? >> that's a complicated question. >> now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. the top trending story today continues to be odom's suspected drug overdose, with khloe kardash by his side in a las vegas hospital. >> she filed for divorce in and we're the divorce is
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still not finalized. >> they say the show is to blame for lamar's down fall. a pressure cooker in which2015to soar but their men seem to crash and burn. >> you got to point there. rob is battling depression and weight struggles. tonight we go inside the curse of the kardashian men. >> this morning lamar odom is reportedly showing small signs of improvement. >> doctors are treating his condition as a drug overdose. the star now surrounded by family and friends. >> you're a man, baby. you know? robbery, kardashian. >> surrounded by love and prayers to pull through. the reclusive rob kardashian who lives with khloe and lamar broke his silence, instagramming this image and caption reading, praying nonstop for my brother. >> this is grand irony that a person could have felt so alone, so isolated, so cut off from the circle of peoplthen when tragedy strikes, everyone starts
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running around and brings support. our "insider" psychologiste and health was a ticking time bomb given the extensive amount of trauma he witnessed throughout his 35 years. >> whew. this life a curveball. it's a curveball, it just came fast and straight down and the plate, we all hit it. we all hit it out the park. >> lamar had life story characterized by a lot of loss and a lot of abandonment at very early ages. the age of 12.m to illness at which is a very young a vulnerable age to lose a parent. his own father had a history of substance abuse. that's a really, really difficult trac rd. and a really important lamar odom's narrative. >> in 2006, more tragedy strucko when his7-month-old jaden died from sudden infant death syndrome. >> i don't know how you handle all you've d. you've lost a son.
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you buried a mother. yeah, i probably broke down han. it got me. you know what i'm saying? life got me. yeah, i was down in the dumps. it was tough for me to shift my emotions. it was tough for me to vent the right way. >> in 2011, his cousin was shot grieving , but privately was not an option given his reality star status. >> when it happened, you know, everybody kind of looked at me like, well, what's next? >> this is pressure beyond pressure. not only are you trying to keep up, you know longer get to be yourself anymore. you're no longer a man. you're an entertainer. invariably it seems like it's getting tragic. >>truggle has been real for other kardashian clan men. >> there has to be a line. >> her ex-husband scott checked into rehab yet again to combat his addiction. meanwh the sob lived a life in virtual hiding after struggling
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with depression and weight gain. >> all i care about is yes to my mom and making her happy.ile, r >> would you go back and do the show again? >> i would. i feel like this is our life and we signed up it, and i think when things aregood, you definitely want to talk about it, but when it's bad, you have to -- yeah, you pull back a little. not everything is butterflies and bunnies. sometimes you get some rain. >> you know, the thing about reality fame is it's a double-edged sword. once you lecameras in, your privacy is gone. there are not a lot of people who can deal with that. >> very few people.t the switching gears right now -- you may have noticed that we're wearing purple today. it is spirit day. we're raising awareness in an effort to help stop the bullying of lgbt youth. >> all of social media going purple today. the #spiritday already tracking hot. keltie knight at our social n with the rest of the
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headlines generating lots of buzz. dolly parton putting the tabloids on blast. >> instatio her own queen way. using her personal at which to do it. 3.5 million followers heard about her health crisis. dolley's denial was trending on yahoo! celebrity. >> i can't imagine there is not a thing you don't know about me. i've been around so >> especially when it comes to social media. dolly trending big and clearing up the rumor mill regarding a tabloid report which claims sh was diagnosed with stomach cance ♪ whoa, whoa tabloid allege s dolly was rushedr. to the hospital, but ia statement posted to all of her social media pages, she clarifies what really happened. saying it is true that i had kidney stones. i had them removed three weeks ago andoing just fin adding, there is absolutely no truth at all that i have stomach cancer. i love and appreciate everyone's concern.d i'm >> pick it up and you'll see how
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my boobs are the sizes they are. it's from working out. ♪ whoa, whoa >> dolly who's been busy filming her nbc movie "coat of many colors" told me her healthy lifestyle is what keeps her going. >> you have to really take care of yourself. i know you're a vegetarian. it's like you can't eat good enough and rest enough. >> tom is tied with harrison ford. harrison did four movies. tom four mo now i'll probably do five for harrison and four for tom. >> steven spielberg is s news that got social media buzzing. during a conversation with yahoo! movies, the director said hanks suggesting that harrison is onboard for the sequel even though producer kathleen kennedy says they haven't started working on a script yet. but spielberg got a strategy. >> i think i'm going to leapfrog that wwith >> can i just play the bad guy
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>> i'm not sure what that means. >> and whoopi's confusion over viola davis' speech has the twitter sphere in aay viola got an emmy award. >> yeah. >> and everybody wants an emmy. >> this is the woman of the night. everyone's trying to get to her. >> "the view" host t she doesn't understand why the "how to get away with ellingder" star said the only tg that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. >> the truth of the matter is there is plenty of opportunity. carrie washington is murg her booty off. so maybe the question is -- what do you have to do to get voted on? >> that whoopi goldberg doesn't hold anything back.workin i don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing at this point. >> people keep talking about it. that's for sure. >> tou, keltie. >> let's get back to viola davis. her character is not doing so hot on "how to get away with murder". hank y >> let that be your spoiler. thank you, keltie.
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>> season three is going to be probably be about someone's going pay. >> the mystery of who shot anna lis continues to travel on "how to get away with murder" and viola davis thinks she knows who's done it. >> i'm going say wes. i'm going to park my car with wes. >> what kind of woman can be with a man when his wife is dying? >> tonight, viola's emmy winning role is put to the test when she's asked to do the unthink >> i want you to help me end it. >> i'm sorry. >> i need you to kill me. pressure on the relationship. >> you've seen this ga you see what they're calling her in there? >> yes. >> and the presidential affair is imploding tonight on "scandal." could all that white house whoopee really be coming to an end? >> we don't know how olivia will react to. this if she'll shut it down or freak out. >> the republican leadership is going to put the screws to me.
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we knew this was coming. >> let me feel them out and see if i can -- >> you're fired. >> mr. president. >> do not talk. yodone talking. you are fired. >> look, there is a jumbo bo condoms under the sink.u are in the bathroom i share. >> and on "grey's anatomy," it's a carpool combination you have to see to believe. >> i thought that was amelia. >> you're not shy. >> you have a filthy mouth. >> can we please not talk about this? please! >> congratul to grey's dr. jesse williams. she reportedly on daddy duty for a second t welcoming a little babyboy. >> moz of tov.ations mosul tovsh. mo >> all right. straight ahead, the donald doubles down but is his new politirategy a softer one? plus, inside the new tell all that trump's attorneys got all up in arm over. >> then molly ringwald's throwback thursday movie moment. how she is flashing back to her '80s roots. that's next. cal st closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> it already came through. tell me you didn't see this movie 100 times. >> 1,000 time. >> "16 candles" had every teenage girl wishing and hoping for their own jake ryan t on top of the dinner table. you going to be okay? >> oh, i don't know. i loved him so much. why is he, by the way?momen meanwhile, 31 years later, molly ringwald is returning to her '80s roots. well, >> it happened that fast. you have to swear to god you won't laugh. >> the '80s idol known for her iconic roles in "the breck lift club" and "pretty in pink" knows skyrocketing to fame teen. >> you didn't break me. >> so overall theme for me is just staying true to who you are. and, you know, there's a lot of pressure. >>as a ne of the grocery bags. >> now in her latest film, "ge and the hologram," molly plays a mom.
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helping a new generation navigate the pitfalls. >> i think yo get o the potential to become something so much in theaters october 23rd, the film is based on another '80s classic, a cartoon by the same u have this time with live actors. the reboot relies on social media to make the group's stars. something molly is getting use to. >> oh, my god. we're internet -- > us to be really people hadd to, you know, come to las angeles and hollywood and that was the only way to get discovered. and now it's lidoesn't matter where you are. if you have talent and if you are have something to speak to people, then that's it. >> ringwald says while the clothes and hair may have changed from her '80s hit, her new film has the ke it mporta theme. >> especially girls, i think, have this pressure. you know, who are they going to be? you know,same in a lot of the movies that i did in high school, you know, had the same thing. so it really kind of resonating
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for me. i mea >> i completely agree with all of her '80s teen dramas hold true today. >> how i did miss "gem and the hologram." what i want to >> i'm tell you why. because you weren't a little girl in the '80s. >> so there's that. coming up -- the donald's new politically correct revelation. could trump be changing his tone? >> plus, ben affleck shaves it all off while letterman lets it all grow out. we go inside the psychology the hollywood beard. that's next. of
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[ male announcer ] join the millions of people who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. ben? ben -- ben, you're sleeping again. wake up! hitler! hitler! >> that is so funny. jimmy fallon and david allen grier taking on donald trump and ben carson last night on ""the tonight show."" >> that is funny.
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carson closing the gap on trump in a new republican poll, trump admits he could be a little more politically correc so are we seeing a new side of the donald, or is this is simply a campaign strategy? tonight's "inside story," is trump changing his tone? >> i can watch my words a little bit. maybe be a little bit more politically correct. >> a kinder, gentl donald trump on t "today" show, even going as far as complementing hi fellow republican, ben carson. >> i think he's a nice person. >> are you happy that your father is running for presidenhe >> that's a complicated question. >> even daughter ivanka, a constant by trump's side, trying to help shape this new image.t? >> it's really changing t dialogue in a very positive way so i'm incredibly proud of him. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs. >> what i get fide do, anticipate the candidate's
3:15 am
weaknesses and hook him >> around megyn k weighed in. >> it's clear we map have overestimated his anger management skills. >> donald says t likes to fight. all kinds of fights. even physical fights, and he told me if somebody hurts me, i hurt back ten times harder. >>en antonio experienced this. his new book "never enough" the investigates the billion narp candidate pursuit of success. and while trump was at first adversarial. , he's become >> donald got wind of the fact i had interviewed somebody he didn't like. i received a very threatening phone call, and nly i was persona el grotta. >> you're fired. >> trump's bullyingfactors, some of the bombshells i suddeh
3:16 am
another, his often abrasive attitude towards women. >> he has said he brings out the worst in women. >> of then t things both and ivanka told me -- >> trump will continue to soften his image and poke fun wh hosts an upcoming "snl" for the second time, b will that make him more relatable? >> what if they start mocking you? they're goido the hair d were you, i'd wear the hat on that show. so they couldn't get the hair. >> i think "saturdayng to live" will be a lot of fun. >> i want to give you a chance to know the real donald. >> the ratings for "snl" with trump hosting are going to be >> huge! and speaking of the donald, a huge fan of ben affleck, night remember, he tweeted his support of ben after the backlash when the announcement came out that ben was going to be playing "batman."
3:17 am
>> a lot happened in ben's life since then including his split from his wife. affleck out at the premiere of his next movie. no facial hair. >> he lost the breakup b >> let's be honest, like his feleading men, is it a conscious decision or a career strategy? let's go inside the psychology of the hollywood beard. >> it's been remarkable. it's been really a remarkable difference.low l >> and oh, what a difference a shave once ben split with jennifer garner, he seemed to be showing his heartache through growing out his facial hair. >> ben affleck's breakup beard is sort of the worst case scen >> "men's health" fashion and grooming director brian boye. >> it looks like he just doesn't care at all. >> we still don't know if ben's sheared new look is because he's movi with his life or if it's a new role. >> actors are figuring out that growing a beard or getting rid of a beard is one sure fire way to get people talking about them. and talking about their project. >> which brings us to the oscar
3:18 am
bait beard. >> leonardo dicaprio a lot of flak his beard and perhaps rightfully it was a little long and a little messy looking. >> yes, leo went for the full mountain man in his latest filmr choosing to fight grizzly bears over grooming. >> fortunately, he's cleaned it up now and looking back to his old se but again, people are talking about him and his beard. >> still, sometimes facial hair can mean new beginnings. >> jon hamm's beard is the f. perfect example of, i am a changed man. >> jon let his stubble grow out after getting sober for an alcohol addiction back in february. >> how are you feeling? >> i feel very good. thank you very much. >> it's well kept. he looks like he has his life together. >> looking good. >> thank you very much. >> you wake up like that, don't? >> no. >> let's not forget the harry hiatus. >> you may notice that during the time off i adopted a bea on the
3:19 am
side of the highway. >> last summer before colbert took over "the late show," he let things get a little harry. thankfully, steven chose a fresh faced look for the launch of the show. >> we're back! >> we're back!rd >> which brings us to david letterman's rough and retired look. >> his beard really signifies i don't have to answer to anybody else but myself. >> i retired. >> this is the first year hearing of it? >> have you ever grown a beard, louis? >> on vacation, i'll leave the razor behind on occasion, yes. >> that's your beard? >> that's my vaca beard. >> i have female greek relatives with more hair on their face. coming up, the paranormal with more hair on their face. coming up, the paranormal activity prank that will mirrors. they show us all our problem areas... those places that we can't wish, or squish, away. well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting-- the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. after getting the cool sculpting procedure, it gave me back the body i had, before i had kids.
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>> that's tomorrow on " insider." travel considerations provided by -- the all right. so before we go, if you're house hunting, you may want to think twice before going to an open house. >> yeah. especially if it's the original home they used in "paranormal activity." are you kidding me right no? >> yeah. in celebrati in horror of the franchise in theaters october 23rd. the movie decided to scar some innocent and unsuspecting house hunters. [ screaming ] >> what is that?
3:23 am
[ screaming ] >> that is awe that is awesome. >> hysterical. they could have given them a heart attack. that is really funny.some! >> the "insider" together with yahoo! >> boo! >> take care, everybody.
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we end with the latest sign and sound of improving relations with cuba. today cuban musicians performed at the white house for the first time in 50 years. here is margaret brennan. ♪ >> reporter: the sound of cuban music blasting through the white house was a remarkable moment for guitarist elandes ochoa. and singer omaro puertoando. they never thought they would make it here. what does that mean to you? >> translator: this represents her flag, her culture and her
3:28 am
ideals. >> translator: the trip will be part of his artistic record forever. ♪ >> reporter: for decade the musicians were little known outside cuba. until the 1990s when the buen vista social club album made them a worldwide sensation. ♪ ♪ that inspired an academy award nominated documentary. and soon many band members had found fame in their 70s and 80s. >> i look to sing. >> reporter: they see hope in the thaw between two cold war foes. do you think that relations between the u.s. and cuba are getting better? >> a day will come when everyone will be able to sit down and eat at the same table. that gets a laugh from omara who says her band mate speaks the truth and beautiful word.
3:29 am
♪ their final song was the spanish version of "perhaps, perhaps, perhaps" a song made popular by nat king cole. >> i knew nat king cole? >> you knew him? >> yes, in cuba. we sang with nat king cole and other singers. he sang in cuba "perhaps, perhaps, perhaps." ♪ ♪ perhaps, perhaps -- i can't hear you ♪ >> reporter: and perhaps has never been promising. ♪ perhaps, perhaps ♪ margaret brennan, cbs news, washington. and that's the "overnight news" for this friday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs "this morning." from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm scott pelley.
3:30 am
welcome to the "cbs overnight news." a woman charged with beater her son to death inside a church in upstate new york claims she was powerless to stop the attack. the lawyer for deborah leonard said it started as an intervention that soon spiraled out of control. six members of the word of life christian church remain behind bars. the mother and father charged with manslaughter. michelle miller reports from outside the church in chadwiks, new york. >> reporter: people around here say church members mostly kept to themselves, were secretive, and that some even lived inside this church building. well investigators say the
3:31 am
sunday's deadly assault began when the two brothers met with other church members for what was described as a "counseling session." photos taken inside the church the day after the deadly beating offer a rare glimpse inside the guarded building. police say on sunday night, 19-year-old lucas leonard and 17-year-old brother christopher sat down for a spiritual counseling session at the word of life christian church. at some point, the meeting became physical. >> both brothers were continually subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours. in the hopes each would confess their prior sins and ask for forgiveness. >> reporter: monday, lucas' family drove him to the hospital when they realized he wasn't breathing. he died that afternoon.
3:32 am
investigators later found his younger brother, still inside the church. he was taken to the hospital. police say both brothers suffered blunt force trauma and had injuries to their stomachs, backs, thighs and genitals. during the church. investigators also found several other children who appear to be unharmed. the boys' parents. bruce and deborah leopard are faces charges of first degree manslaughter. four additional people including the victims' sister ear charged with second degree assault. devin garrimore is deborah leonard's attorney. >> apparently part of a church-related discipline being imposed on her two boys. i don't think it was her idea. >> reporter: what were they being disciplined for? >> that i can't say. >> you can't see in. only see lights on. all the windows are all boarded up. >> neighbors say church members tried to recruit them in the past. >> we always joked around and said they were a cult. which now we are believing that they probably were. >> reporter: litz lived in house
3:33 am
next door for ten years. she says congregation members were nice but strange. the men wore long dark cloak and she would hear chanting. >> i don't know itch they were speaking in tongues. i'm not sure. it was not english. not any reconizable language that i could distinguish. >> reporter: the group's secrecy raised eyebrows in the tight-knit community. >> no one was every loud in there. you just couldn't get. it was off limits. in zimbabwe, a postponement in the trial of the man who led the hunt for cecil the lion. he could face ten years in prison for allegedly luring cecil out of a protected park where she was shot with a cross bow. cecil ran away, found the next day and was killed. deborah patta had the story.
3:34 am
>> tourists flock to victoria falls. one man missing today at the magistrate court, walter palmer, the minnesota dentist who shot and killed cecil the lion. all charges have been dropped against him. but the man who led the hunt is still being prosecuted. hiding behind dark glasses and a cap, theo arrived at the court and sat in his car anxiously awaiting for proceedings to begin. turning his head from the camera he told us he had done nothing wrong. he claims he had a legal permit and would be vindicated in court. >> well i guess i shot a famous lion. >> reporter: the famous lion the iconic star attraction up the national park. the rare, black maned cecil. he believes he is the fall guy. >> there are many lions shot every year. as the far as my way, there were five shot this year alone. >> reporter: he broke down as he told us his life had been ruined. >> will it destroyed us, eh.
3:35 am
it destroyed the family. my business. you know, we employ a lot of people. and they are all on halftime now. i guess each families say porting six or more dependents. >> reporter: zimbabwean officials insist it was unlawful. illegal hunting is not often prosecuted. but collared cecil as part of an oxford study. was convinced because of the international outrage surrounding the case it would be different this time. like many here, surprised charges were dropped against palmer. >> i really thought this was going to be an example to other people that have done this before who would do it in the future. so very disappointed we are not going to see justice. >> reporter: he said that the charges were dropped against palmer proves his innocence. he will have to wait longer to have his day in court. his case has been postponed yet again until next week. former pro basketball player and reality tv star, lamar odom remains on life support in a nevada hospital. found unconscious in a brothel over the weekend. kevin frasier has the latest.
3:36 am
>> reporter: according to a source inside the hospital close to the family that i spoke with yesterday, there were small improvements for lamar odom. he squeezed kim kardashian's hand. briefly opened his eyes. understand this he is a long way from being out of the wood and heap is fighting for his life. >> reporter: the first 911 call came in around 3:15 p.m. nevada time, tuesday. from a female employee of the love ranch. where lamar odom had been a guest since saturday. another male caller told operators about drugs he says odom had been taking. >> apparently had cocaine on him.
3:37 am
pretty much, he did this on saturday. >> as far as you know there is no cocaine since saturday. >> that is correct. >> reporter: the caller said odom was taking large amounts of reload, sexual enhancement drug, the fda warns could be dangerous if mixed with certain other medications. the owner of the love ranch. >> they said roll him on his left side. he started throwing up a lot. >> entertainment to night was allowed into the room at the brothel where odom was discovered. >> the police looked through this things. they didn't tell us they found anything. >> reporter: the nye county sheriff confirms a search warpt was executed for a sample of odom's blood. former lacquer teammates. kobe bryant and trevor ariza have visited odom's bedside. family and friend have kept a constant vigil and check on lamar. one thing they're hold. talk to him. he can hear you. the hopes he will hear a voice
3:38 am
recognizable. come out of the coma. his two older children were expected last
3:39 am
3:40 am
there is new video tonight of perhaps the greatest prison break in modern times. notorious drug kingpin el chapo joaquin g of the -- guzman. escaped in july from a tunnel under his cell. the new video shows guzman turning up the sound on his tv before loud jack hammers heard in the background i was his men chiseling away through the floor of his shower. none of the guard paid any attention. minutes later, guzman was gone. bill whitaker took a look at the escape for "60 minutes." >> gets arrested for the second time. knowing he escaped once before. goes to prison and is able to escape a second time.
3:41 am
that's something like, no other criminal in history you will be able to find. >> reporter: until he retired last year, jim dinkins was head of homeland security investigations. part of the international manhunt for el chapo more than a decade. >> he was literally in a well-fortified, constructed prison, designed to prevent such an escape. >> maximum security prison in mexico. >> designed to penetrate people from coming frumg air or land. they didn't anticipate underground. >> reporter: that's exactly what he did. almost from the moment he was delivered here to altiplano prison in february, 2014. a construction crew from his cartel began digging a tunnel to free him. the wall here are as much as 3 feet thick. the airspace above is restricted. cell phones, prison officials say they're jammed for miles around. but none of that made a difference. from all most a mile away, inside this hastily built,
3:42 am
cinder block structure in a farmer's field, chapo's men dug down three stories. and then they burrowed 4,921 feet straight toward altiplano. a massive construction project right outside the prison, might have masked the is not of the underground activity. the tunnel went under the prison wall and beneath the plumbing and with pinpoint accuracy, it emerged directly into the shower stall of guzman's ground level cell. >> very difficult to navigate underground. point a to point b with minor deviations if any. and that is an engineering marvel. >> how difficult? >> very, very difficult. when the boss is behind prison. put your best team and foot forward. they did. >> at 8:52, saturday july 11th. he ducks into a shower cell
3:43 am
behind the privacy wall. the only place hidden from security cameras. and then he disappears. he climbed down into the tunnel, and climbed atop ape motorcycle. especially rigged on rail tracks to speed him to freedom. by the time the alarm sounded and a search began, guzman had vanished into the night. when mexican agents located the cinder block structure where the escape tunnel began. the construction crew was also long gone. leaving behind tools. jen rater, oxygen tanks. jig saw and car batteries. >> what was your reaction when you heard el chappo escaped? >> disappointed not shocked. >> chuck rosen becker is head of the u.s. drug enforcement administration. >> he was in a maximum security prison? >> escaped previously in 2001. it had happened before.
3:44 am
we knew, we knew, he had intended to dupe it again. >> you knew he was planning to do it again? >> we knew he and his folks wanted to break him out we had general chatter, a year before he broke out a second time. what they hoped to do. there was nothing in that information we had. about tunnels. >> he is a notorious tunnel manufacturer. >> tunnel king. >> the tunnel king. >> he is responsible for more sophisticated tunnels. any body in the history of drug trafficking in mexico. some what ironic he was able to escape using one of the techniques he perfected over the last decade plus. >> reporter: ironic, but not terribly surprising. during the last manhunt for el chapo, pursuers discovered this. >> the tub. look at this.
3:45 am
>> tunnel entrance in the plumbing. in this case beneath the tub. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: chapo devised smuggling methods. he packed drugs into fake cucumbers and bananas and mixed them with real shipments of produce. the thing he worked hardest on was making sure he could always get away. guzman was the first mexican drug trafficker to hierarch tekts and mining engineers to build elaborate super tunnels. complete with vent lax system. electricity and railways to ferry drugs under the u.s./mexico border. mexican authorities led us to a tunnel they found unfinished and just short of the border fence
3:46 am
in tijuana. this tunnel was discovered just a couple weeks after the great escape. his cartel wasn't just focused on building his escape tunnel. continued building the drug tunnels at the same time. the border between san diego and tijuana is one of the busiest international commercial jones in the world. you've will see ate staetd streams passing north and south. what you can't see is that beneath one four mile stretch of this border it is crisscrossed with dozens of smuggling tunnels. why? because this industrial part of tijuana is across the fence of acres of warehouses in the u.s. drug smugglers, dig down in a building over here. pop up in a warehouse inthe u.s. couple of hundred yard away. this is where el chapo's cartel, honed its tunnelling technique. >> when did el chapo first start digging tunnels here in the area. on record the first tunnel in 2010. >> gentlemen dimigglio., chief of the san diego task forcing, made up of agents from homeland security. border patrol. and dea. the task force was established to what the government deems a
3:47 am
threat to national security. >> down this road, there has been multiple tunnels found in warehouses here. >> how far is this? >> 1,400 feet. >> most tunnels are twice that length. >> what makes the area so appealing to them? >> just the infrastructure on beth side of the border. you know, and, in tijuana. you have all the commercial businesses there. import. export. just the warehouses there doing legitimate business. it is easy to conceal an illegitimate business within the warehouses. like looking for a needle in a hey stack. >> how much does it cost them off to build one of the tunnels? >> estimate the it costs the cartel $1 million to $2 million. if they have one successful push through of narcotics they paid for the tunnel and then some. >> one load gets through. >> one load. not just one kilo.
3:48 am
talking tons of narcotics going through. >> led of marijuana for example could be worth as much as $5 million to $6 million. smugglers use the tunnels to move ware na, because it is too bulky, smelly, easy to protect. to transport over land. >> there you go. >> the team took us down into one of el chapo's closed subterranean passage ways. dug through the clay-like soil with picks, shovels and power tools. >> you can see bill's full report at "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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phillipe petit, redefined the high wire act in 1974 in the sky above new york city. his death defying stroll between the world trade center towers is dramatized in the new movie the walk. phillipe petit sat down to discuss the day with anthony mason. >> welcome to new york. anything to declare. >> i will hang a high wire between the two towers of the world trade center and walk on it. >> good luck. >> reporter: but that is exactly what felipe petite did on an otherwise ordinary day in 1974. >> there is somebody out there on a tightrope between the towers of the world trade center at the tippy top.
3:52 am
>> reporter: for nearly an hour, quarter mile above manhattan, the 24-year-old frenchman, walked, even danced on a steel cable, strung between the twin towers of the newly constructed world trade center. >> please tell me for a moment you were nervous that morning? >> i am never nervous before a performance. first i cannot afford to be the i always put myself on the wire, departure, with a feeling that is both mental and physical. the feeling of -- >> petite planned the caper more than six years and made a trial walk some years before. sneaking a cable between the spiers of the cathedral of notre dame in paris. but the tower walk was such an audacious feat that even the police who tried to coax him off the wire, were captivated. >> i personally figured i was watching something that somebody would never see again in the world. >> reporter: a consultant on the movie, he helped train joseph gordon leavitt in the art of
3:53 am
wire walking the film's achievement is re-creating through 3-d and cgi an event only captured in still images that day. >> the viewer in the film gets to look at everything around them. were you seeing all of that? >> no, no. and there is a beautiful scene, beautiful treatment of the moment. by the director just as i am step on the wire. the whole world does not exist. only a wire was there in my mind. he managed to show that by having fog invade the screen then we see a wire, walking into infinity, when i step on it, the fog diminishes and we wake up in new york on the wire. in the beginning it was simplistic, block the world and concentrate on the wire. so this is a lifetime of trying
3:54 am
to find what i call the open focus that is completely closed and completely open. >> that's very interesting. you sort of have to be both in a way. >> i have to be both. >> after the tower walk petite continue to perform, above the ground and on it. here, juggling for tips back in 1984. now 66, petite occasionally walks the wire. he is a performer in residence at new york's cathedral of st. john the divine. he holds frequent creativity workshops for kids. >> i want to try to share with you an image, a flash of the in possible. and is a popular motivational speaker. >> improvization is empowering. it welcomes the unknown. >> his legacy will forever be linked to that one bold act. made all the more resonant by the absence of his partners in crime, the twin towers. >> my life, when i look over my shoulder, though i am not at the end of the line. 66 years old. not in the middle either the i
3:55 am
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some businesses in an upscale washington, d.c. neighborhood are accused of racial profiling through a mobile app. shop keepers using a messaging service to alert each other and the police about people who are acting suspiciously. but the vast majority of the reports are about black customers. the report from georgetown. >> reporter: in trendy georgetown, store owners will tell you shoplifting is part of the cost of doing business. keisha green works at elite. >> the people that are like a shoplifter they come in all the time. go to the same item. get the feel of the store. >> reporter: in 60 day as loan,
3:58 am
police recorded more than 120 theft in the heart of georgetown. to counter crime businesses are using an app, groupme. works look a private chat room. 380 members include merchants, employees, community leaders and on duty police officers send descriptions and pictures of customers acting suspiciously. recent posts include african-american female, late 20. just stole from lacoste, need some one asap. person walking out, black male. >> we are all pretty alarmed by it. >> reporter: peter murray, reporter for the georgetowner newspaper was unsettled by what he saw. >> a glance at the app you see rashl bias. >> reporter: murray found from march 1 to july 5 of this year, 330 people were identified in messages warning of suspicious or criminal activity. of those, 72% were described as african-americans. >> not only was there this jump to conclusion somebody has committed a crime because they're suspicious or wearing a
3:59 am
certain thing or have a certain hair style. but also the people who are texting each other are sort of reveling in this game of following people around and saying they're suspicious. >> any idea what percentage of those identified as african-american are arrested? >> i would say very small percentage. less than 5%. >> reporter: joe sternly runs georgetown business improvement district which started the neighborhood groupme. he pushes back at the notion it is profiling. >> somebody posts something that is inappropriate, the group, our staff goes out, meets with the person, retrains them, makes sure they're comfortable with the rules and can abide. if they don't. we kick them off. >> one or two people have been kicked out of the group for racial profiling. originally, police here endorsed the use of the app. but yesterday when we asked metropolitan, pd, would not comment. groupme wouldn't comment either. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this friday. for some of you, the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city.
4:00 am
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